I am not a certified teacher.

This needs to be said first as some people prefer certified teachers.

My training and years of experience in special education classrooms.

I worked as a special education paraprofessional (aka teaching assistant) for DeKalb County Schools for five years.

My first career was as a pediatric respiratory therapist.

Working with children, and their families, during stressful times has given me an unique ability to relate to others.

Multisensory Tutoring

Research has shown the more senses used when learning something, the more areas of the brain are involved, and thus, the more likely a person will remember what they learned.  Additionally, I prefer to work with students outdoors. My belief is students spend too much time indoors and changing the learning environment helps when covering topics in which they struggle.

Meeting the sensory needs of students

The sensory needs of students change throughout the day. After learning what each student needs, I provide ways to meet those needs which allows for learning to take place more effectively.

Individualized Instruction

This is the biggest benefit of one on one tutoring. When a student doesn’t understand a concept, or has a question, we don’t move on until any confusion has been cleared up. Taking the time to address the student’s questions at the time they arise is critically important. A student can not build on a skill which has not been mastered.

Mortensen More Than Math™

Mortensen More Than Math™ , by far, is the most effective math “system” I have ever seen. Using base-ten blocks allows students to build math problems. MMTM is an extension of Montessori principles through calculus. It is multisensory, incremental, and student centered. Another aspect of how I use MMTM which sets this apart from other math “systems” is an emphasis on fun and creativity. Students make up their own games to play math.

I come to you

Families are busy during the school year. I know this from first-hand experience. So, I come to you, or meet you somewhere that is convenient to you.

Brain-based methods

At the risk of giving away trade secrets, I have to credit Celebrate Calm and Impact ADHD for teaching me to overcome obstacles to learning and how to Stop Homework Battles.

A Holistic approach to learning

The first time I meet with clients, I conduct an interview to get to know them and identify their concerns. Getting to know my clients allows me to assess factors that may be impeding their learning.