Kirk's Tutoring Client_Testimonials_Review

We had our 7 year old do the learning assessment package with Kirk.

Kirk was on time and set up upon on our arrival and greeted us warmly. While he explained the process to me both of my children were intrigued by and played with the provided toys.

It took about two hours to complete but I could see my son was having fun as was Kirk! Lots of laughing and stories being told.

Once finished, my son stated that he had fun and that it wasn’t a real test…just talking
smile emoticon he has since requested that all tests be given in the same manner. I wish!

Once the report was completed and sent, I could truly see the value of the test. My son is not one to willingly talk about school and what he finds interesting about learning. Through the results, I better understand how my son processes, what is more likely to hold his attention, and how to better his retainment.

I can also see how this assessment will help me communicate with his teachers so we can work together to keep him engaged and excelling.

Thank you, Kirk. This is a priceless tool and very worth the small investment.

– Sonja Payne Szubski

My 9 year old daughter receives tutoring with Kirk. She is very excited each week to work with Kirk. He brings fun and hands on learning materials to keep her focused. She is so energized to do math and other assignments. Kirk also provides education consultation as well for parents needing information on 504 plans as well.

Kirk is very professional and gives your child the confidence to work through a challenge. He is very motivating and patient.

If you are a parent needing educational consultation in addition to tutoring for your child, Kirk is all you need. Thanks Kirk!!!

– Chris Brazier

“Kirk! Wanted to drop you a quick line of thanks for all that you did for our family, through tutoring, referrals for testing, addressing anxiety, and just generally being a wonderful guy!

You were B’s first tutor, and he still links back to things you did with him to make learning fun (we still sometimes read standing on chairs or one foot). Even though we have moved out of Tucker, you continue to play such an important role in our lives, not only for the skills and joy of learning you instilled in B that endure, but also for the resources you continue to provide. Indeed, it is almost eerie sometimes how you post something or send something just when we are looking for a new tool or technique.

It has taken far too long for me to post a public thanks, but I am grateful daily for those who have made my children’s lives better, and you and your family certainly have done this. So, here it is…. Thank you! …for your love of learning, your willingness to share joy, your work with children, your big heart, your knowledge, your skills….Thanking for standing and reading, laughing and reading, not giving up on the joy of reading and giving it to my child. I hope others will continue to experience your gifts!”

-Brenda Blackwell PhD Georgia Southern University

Thanks to Kirk, my daughter thinks math is a fun game! Happy that Kirk can help her have positive feelings about math, a subject that I struggle to embrace even as an adult.

-Lindsay Kreson Rochaix

We are so blessed to be able to work with Kirk. My son’s problem solving skills, facts and general understanding of math have grown by leaps and bounds, in just a few short months.The best part is, my son is happy and having fun while learning. Thanks, Kirk!

-Marianne Young

Kirk is amazing: he is not only extremely personable but also great at keeping the content fun and interesting. He was always on time and my son enjoyed working with him. My son learned a lot from him and his grades improved tremendously.

Thank you Kirk for all the effort you put into teaching my son.


Kirk has been working with our son for over a year now. He’s always happy to go ‘play math’ with Kirk. I’ve worked with a lot of tutors and often you get a one-size-fits-all, this-is-how-I-do-it-kid approach. Kirk treats your child as an individual. He figures out what works with your child, he listens very carefully, he pushes but he doesn’t frustrate the child, he waits for the child to process concepts. All of that is unusual. We’ve found that a lot of the math they’ve worked on suddenly ‘appears’ in his skill set. Suddenly, for example, he knew how to multiply. Without drilling. We’ve had other math tutors but Kirk is the one our son chooses to return to.

-Ana Martin

Kirk is incredible! As an educator I was fascinated with his ability to successfully work with students who previously struggled in math – to not just help them understand the concepts – but build an absolute love for the learning process. This may sound odd, but I had Kirk tutor me to help me find another way to help my own students. It was honestly one of the best investments I made. Kirk’s passion and knowledge is inspiring and contagious. I am a better teacher with Kirk as a mentor.

-Erika Harris