It has been a hot minute since I have posted an update.

First of all, THANK YOU, to all of the wonderful families and clients I have had the pleasure to work with. I mean it when I say my job is the best job in the world.


What’s new?

For the last three years I have been tutoring California homeschooled students through their charter school system. That service is phasing out because the charter schools are very slow to pay.

Kirk’s Tutoring has sponsored two webinars on Math Anxiety with Vanessa Vakharia, owner of The Math Guru tutoring boutique, author of Math Hacks and host of the Math Therapy podcast.

Kirk’s Tutoring is on Instagram. That is where I showcase client’s work and my main social media presence. My Facebook page tends to be where I put jokes and link other websites.

Over the last three years, I  have also refined and expanded my training for homeschool parents and teachers. If you want to learn how to make math fun and easy for your children or students, please ask about my training.

Another thing that has changed is my clients are more geographically diverse. In addition to Georgia & California, I have tutored students in Australia, Canada, Alabama, Oregon, Connecticut, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, Florida,  Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

In response to COVID-19, Kirk’s Tutoring is now completely online. Most of my business is still one-on-one tutoring, but small group sessions are an option. As always, clients are encouraged to use base ten blocks to do math.


Below, are a few other new changes in my business model.

Hour long sessions will be 50 minutes of tutoring. Longer sessions will end ten minutes before the scheduled ending time.

All clients are required to meet with me at least once a week.

Clients who need remediation are required to meet with me at least twice a week.

Clients with a dyscalculia diagnosis are required to meet with me at least three times a week. I have found three sessions a week to be the minimum number of sessions needed to be effective for dyscalculia.

I will no longer schedule sessions on Friday afternoons or Sundays. Fridays afternoons and Sundays will be used for makeup lessons.

A “No Show” fee will be charged for sessions missed without two hours notice. The fee will be $50.

My goal remains to be the easiest business to work with.


What does the future hold?

Kirk’s Tutoring is launching a new webinar series, You Do You Webinars. These will be town halls with women encouraging girls to overcome obstacles, fight stereotypes, pursue their passions, and excel in any area they choose. Vanessa is going to moderate the first webinar on August 17.

There will be more trainings for homeschool parents and teachers. The need for high quality math instruction far exceeds the supply of teachers and tutors.

I recently became the first sponsor of the internet radio station, Radio Tucker. My logo is displayed on the website and every day at 12:15 pm eastern my 15 second ad plays.

Finally, I am considering hiring other tutors. If you enjoy playing with children, you can be a math tutor. I tell everyone this because it is true. Blocks make math visually obvious and easy. You don’t have to feel confident in your math ability to tutor. You just have to connect with students and set the stage. Math is a natural language. Children can learn it by playing with you. Please contact me if you are curious.