I believe all children can learn math. Some have to work at it harder than others.

I believe more than one-in-five children have a learning “difference”

I believe the more senses used, the easier it is to learn and remember.

I believe all math problems can be solved in multiple ways.

I believe play is how children learn.

I believe in making math fun.

I believe students learn better outdoors.

I believe Math Anxiety is real.

I believe Dyscalculia is real.

I believe ADHD is real. I have it, myself.

I believe worksheets and flashcards suck the fun out of math.

I believe mistakes are good.

I believe Dr. Maria Montessori.

I believe if I am not having fun, my clients are not having fun.

I believe math is visual and being able to see the math in the concrete is better than abstract numbers.

I believe there is no wrong way to play with base ten blocks.