Kirk’s Tutoring stands out among math tutoring programs for a variety of reasons, but two are primary.

First, I teach using a technique called multisensory math. Multisensory math uses visual aids and manipulatives to help students understand mathematical concepts. Secondarily, I adhere to the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori, whose beliefs support my techniques.  Dr. Montessori believed that children learn math best through manipulating objects.

I prefer to use base-ten blocks in my work with students. Blocks make math kinesthetic, visually obvious, and fun. They are both my secret weapon for making math come alive and the secret to my success as a math tutor.

Unfortunately, as I began working with students online, I found few of them have base-ten blocks available at home. Because I know this method works, it is important that my online students have access to these blocks. For that reason – and because I am a math tutor, not a block salesman – I have contacted two companies that produce base-ten blocks and asked for their permission to link to their blocks on my website.

Thanks to Mortensen Math and MathUSee for allowing me to share their blocks with you. I have used both products and find the amount of noise each makes their biggest difference. Mortensen Math only sells their blocks through distributors and it can take several weeks to receive your blocks.. You can order blocks from Anna’s Math Page where you will also find detailed descriptions of the block kits and other Mortensen products. Anna is a good friend and excellent math tutor.

MathUSee is a powerhouse in the field of homeschool math. You can access their store through the link above. While I can’t make any specific claims about shipping times, they do generally have a shorter delivery time. Of course, Amazon and Ebay provide many options for base-ten blocks a well.

Using blocks to learn math truly makes a difference in how kids learn and makes learning math online with Kirk’s Tutoring a better option than other online math instruction. So no matter where they come from, the  important thing is that my online students have blocks in their hands when we begin our tutoring. Do your own research and choose the option you feel works best for your child.

I look forward to teaching your child soon! See you online!