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Welcome to Kirk’s Tutoring! Hopefully, this website will help you understand why multisensory math helps students learn math more effectively and why my business is helping students. 

 While working in public schools, I saw teachers, through no fault of their own, could not meet the academic needs of all students. Some students need math explained differently. Those are the students I work with. Students who don’t do well in a classroom.

About Us

since 2010

Kirk’s Tutoring is just one person, Kirk. I began working as a pediatric respiratory therapist in 1991, and have worked with children almost continuously since then. Kirk’s Tutoring began in 2010 after I left the classroom to homeschool my sons. In 2015, I found Mortensen Math and have used that as the foundation of my business ever since. Through working with students with Dyscalculia and Math Trauma, I have begun to provide “Math Therapy.” 

At this time I am only seeing clients online, but still offer one-on-one tutoring, small group math classes, academic coaching/executive functioning help, and multisensory math training. My clients are split about 50/50 between homeschooled students and students who attend a brick and mortar school.


My goal is for every student to feel confident in their ability to learn, understanding that how they learn best may be different than someone else learns best. I want my clients to develop independence, not tutor dependence. What I, and other math tutors, have seen many times, is when a student becomes confident in their ability to do math, that confidence carries over to other areas of their lives.


Every student can learn math when concepts are explained in a way they understand. If I can’t help a student, I will help them find someone who can.

Thanks to Kirk, my daughter thinks math is a fun game! Happy that Kirk can help her have positive feelings about math, a subject that I struggle to embrace even as an adult.

-Lindsay Kreson Rochaix

We are so blessed to be able to work with Kirk. My son’s problem solving skills, facts and general understanding of math have grown by leaps and bounds, in just a few short months.The best part is, my son is happy and having fun while learning. Thanks, Kirk!

-Marianne Young

Kirk is amazing: he is not only extremely personable but also great at keeping the content fun and interesting. He was always on time and my son enjoyed working with him. My son learned a lot from him and his grades improved tremendously. Thank you Kirk for all the effort you put into teaching my son.


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August 2022 Update

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Multisensory Math Training

Multisensory Math Training

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